MX2 - Multiplexer


The MX2 is a 2 input, 2 output multiplexer designed to assist with the total integration of electronic equipment in the wheelhouse. It multiplexes or combines 2x NMEA0183 data sources together into both outputs. Each I/O connector has 2 separate outputs enabling a total of 4 outputs of the combined data.Each input is via an opto-coupler to provide equipment isolation. The MX2 is a product in the range produced by Pacific Micro Systems specifically designed to accomplish low cost data integration. The MX2 has an isolated ground that provides full dc isolation between the input supply and ground/outputs.

Input requirements

Current loop, RS422, RS232

Output capabilities

Current loop

Power Requirements

11-35 vdc @ 50-100mA.
Isolated ground provides full dc isolation between the input supply
and ground/outputs

Data Output

4800 Baud

Physical Parameters

Enclosure Plastic with RFI screen
Weight 22 grams
Dimensions 34 x 65 x 18 mm
Connectors 2x DB9 - Female data in, Male data out
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