DM44 - Data Multiplexer


The DM44 is a 4 input, 4 output data multiplexer with a network interface. It is designed to assist with the total integration of electronic equipment in the wheelhouse. With the increase in numbers and types of equipment generating serial data within a vessel, the need to combine and filter this data is necessary. The DM44 is isolated and gives full dc isolation between the input supply and ground/outputs.


  • Furuno CIF conversion.
  • Filtering of NMEA sentences by Talker or Formatter for each input and output
  • Flexible multiplexing from one port to any other
  • NMEA0183 In or Out talker modification
  • NMEA/CIF depth sentences from trigger and bottom or JRC trigger/clock/data
  • AD10 data from NMEA, VTG, VHW, HDG, HDM, HDT, etc
  • 100, 200, 400 or 800 PPNM to and from VTG/VHW
  • Alarm outputs (2) when defined inputs received, ie. predefined depth, waypoint, DGPS, etc
  • User selectable mode for Baud rate, Stop bits, Parity, Data bits, Start/Stop characters
  • Baud rates up to 115200 enabling fast data transfer
  • Automatic prioritised Dual/Tri Input switching, GPS Sounder, Heading etc
  • NMEA sentence Rate control, Increase/Decrease
  • Many other conversions from customers request


Device configuration is done using the DMxxConfig program supplied on your computer connected to the DM44 via the Ethernet port.

Input requirements

Serial: Current loop, RS422, RS232
Digital: 0/5v for Trig/Bottom/Selector

Output capabilities

Current loop, RS422, RS232 - each port
4 x 100mA current sink for PPNM/AD10/Alarms

Power Requirements

11-35 vdc @ 50-150mA.
Isolated ground provides full dc isolation between the input supply
and ground/all outputs.

Parameters able to be configured

  • Format type (NMEA etc)
  • Modify talker IN and Out (to GP, LC, II)
  • Port to port transfer
  • Filtering etc

Physical Parameters

Enclosure Plastic with RFI shielded - polished stainless top
LED Indicators Power ON, Data In and Data Out each port
Mounting Bulkhead or desktop
Weight 300 grams
Dimensions 85 x 112 x 37 mm
Connectors 4x DB9 (In/Out)
1x RJ45 (Network)
1x 2 pin power cord in-line
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