DM1210N - Data Multiplexer


The DM1210N is a 12 input, 10 output, RJ45 Network interface data multiplexer designed to assist with the total integration of electronic equipment in the wheelhouse. With an increase in quantity and types of equipment generating serial data, it is necessary to combine and filter the data. The DM1210N gives full dc isolation between the input supply and ground, inputs and outputs.


  • Furuno CIF conversion.
  • Filtering of NMEA sentences by Talker or Formatter for each input and output
  • Flexible multiplexing from one port to any other
  • NMEA0183 In or Out talker modification
  • NMEA/CIF depth sentences from trigger and bottom or JRC trigger/clock/data
  • AD10 data from NMEA, VTG, VHW, HDG, HDM, HDT, etc
  • 100, 200, 400 or 800 PPNM to VTG/VHW
  • Alarm outputs (2) when defined inputs received, ie. predefined depth, waypoint, DGPS, etc
  • User selectable mode for Baud rate, Stop bits, Parity, Data bits, Start/Stop characters
  • Baud rates up to 115200 enabling fast data transfer
  • Automatic prioritised Dual/Tri Input switching, GPS Sounder, Heading etc
  • NMEA sentence Rate control, Increase/Decrease
  • Many other conversions from customers request


Device configuration is done using the DMxxConfig program supplied on your computer connected to the DM44 via the Ethernet port.

Input requirements

Serial: Current loop, RS422, RS232
Digital: 0/5v for Trig/Bottom/Selector

Output capabilities

Current loop, RS422, RS232 - each port
4 x 100mA current sink for PPNM/AD10/Alarms

Power Requirements

11-35 vdc @ 50-200mA.
Isolated ground provides full dc isolation between the input supply
and ground/all outputs.

Parameters able to be configured

  • Format type (NMEA etc)
  • Modify talker IN and Out (to GP, LC, II)
  • Any port to any other port transfer
  • Filtering
  • Max rate
  • Increase rate, etc

Physical Parameters

Enclosure Anodised Aluminium
LED Indicators Power ON, Data In and Data Out each port
Mounting Bulkhead or desktop
Weight 620 grams
Dimensions 170 x 150 x 40 mm
Connectors Plug-in screw terminal
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